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BalTraWed OÜ, an Estonian company specialising in the production and international trade of a wide array of consumer goods, is your reliable partner in the Baltics.

We are professionals who have brought together the activities of the whole supply chain from product manufacture, quality control, packaging, warehousing, financing, and logistics to the buyer’s doorstep. Our vast experience and passion for this industry make us the ideal choice for your business. Your success is our goal. We are ready to take on all the worries of supplying you with the necessary goods, providing your manufacture with selected raw materials in the required volumes. We understand how important it is for you to ensure stable and high-quality supplies, and we are ready to provide you with the necessary resources and services. BalTraWed is not just a company, it is your reliable Baltic partner – a relevant assistant for the successful development of your business.

The core activities of the company are:


BalTraWed is your reliable partner, ready to take on all the worries of providing your manufacture with selected raw materials in the required volumes. We provide complete control over the supply process, starting from the collection and purchase of cocoa beans directly from farmers and large cooperatives in Africa, careful preparation of the goods for sea transportation to Europe, pre-sale preparation and additional quality control at our production site in Tallinn, and ending with the delivery of selected cocoa beans to the doorstep of our Buyers.

Currently, we successfully supply our cocoa bean products to the largest confectionery factories and traders in Europe and abroad.

BalTraWed guarantees prompt delivery of quality cocoa beans from Africa directly to your hands, providing a reliable partnership and confidence in the high quality of supplies.

Podkováň alcoholic and low-alcohol products

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Beer / Whiskey

BalTraWed is proud to be the owner of Podkováň, one of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic.

Located in the Central Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, the Podkováň brewery rests in a picturesque valley surrounded by natural beauty. Low temperatures in this unique site allow the brewery to take advantage of the natural surroundings during the brewing process, which helps preserve the unmatched characteristics of Podkováň beer.

The brewery is proud of its open-tank brewing technique, which has been passed down from generation to generation of brewers, making Podkováň beer unique and truly Czech in taste.

Another secret of the exceptional taste of Podkováň beer lies in its own natural 300-meter deep underground spring, which has been carefully maintained over the years to provide high-quality water during the brewing process. This natural water is not subjected to filtration or chemical treatment and has the highest status of Water for Children. Starting from 2023, through joint efforts and investments, Podkováň’s assortment has included whiskeys and wines from distant regions such as New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and South America.

Work is underway to further expand the range of products – not only beer, but other popular drinks as well. In 2023, whiskey appeared in Podkovan’s assortment, and bottling of wine from distant regions such as New Zealand, Australia, the USA and South America began.

Work to expand the assortment is in progress.

The Gentle Nut non-alcoholic products 

BalTraWed is the owner of The Gentle Nut brand. The products are manufactured according to our order and recipe, from the raw materials supplied by us, at a modern high-tech plant in Italy, using the latest UHT technology, which guarantees the highest standard of product quality.

The Gentle Nut is not just a non-alcoholic product, it is a line of plant-based drinks that currently includes more than 26 items. The range is constantly expanding.

Our company pays special attention to quality control at all stages of production and delivery, from the collection of raw materials in Africa to the delivery of the finished product to end consumers. We monitor every step of manufacture, every stage of delivery, which is a complete guarantee that The Gentle Nut will retain its unique taste and high quality throughout the entire path from production to the end consumer’s table.
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